Why Did I Upgrade Again?

23 06 2009


I upgraded my Linux Mint 6 system to version 7 a few weeks ago.  Why? You know what, I honestly can’t say.

I pointed out in an earlier post that I did a not-so-simple-but-easy-enough upgrade from version 6 to 7.  Since upgrading, I faced an annoying slow graphics issue with my Thinkpad X200 that grew frustrating enough that I almost gave up on Linux (if you’re experiencing similar problems, check out these helpful hints in the Mint or Ubuntu sites).  My opinion on version 7 may be jaded because of this problem, but I couldn’t see anything really new with version 7.  If nothing else, it just made my notebook feel slower!

That experience made me reflect on my actions: why did I upgrade again? Read the rest of this entry »


Upgrading from Mint 6 to 7 (versus a fresh install)

20 06 2009

upgradeWhen I started this experiment with Linux Mint version 6, which is affectionately called “Felicia” by its creators, little did I know that version 7 “Gloria” was just around the corner.   When it was announced that Gloria was released, I did what any well-trained-by-Microsoft/Apple-to-always-update-your-system  computer user would do.  So I upgraded using the instructions here. Read the rest of this entry »