5 Things I Would Miss in Linux Mint

30 07 2009

mintbubbleSo after my last post, I figured it would be interesting to ask myself, “what would I miss in Linux Mint?” if I were to go back to Windows Vista today.  I came up with 5 nontrivial things.

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Google’s Linux OS: what’s going to be special about it?

9 07 2009


Google just announced that they will be launching their own open-source operating system that would compete against the venerable Microsoft Windows. Story here.

According to Google, the core benefit of this product is that it will offer a better online experience:

“The plan is part of Google’s bet that a huge shift in computing is under way. In Google’s view, Web connections will become so fast and browsers so powerful that most of the programs that currently run on PCs will be replaced by online applications.”

If there’s two things I’ve learned from my switching experience into using Linux, Open Office, and the like is that this may not be enough reason to switch: how hard is it anyway to go online using a Windows or Mac system?  Quite easy actually. And no harder than using any other connected device–be it a cell phone, iPod touch or whatnot. Read the rest of this entry »

My Free Choice to Move to Linux

14 06 2009
Win - Mac - Linux

Win -> Mac -> Linux

Like most people, I have been using Windows for the most part of my life.  I’ve used version 3.1, 95, 98, ME, XP and Vista.  Windows has definitely come a long way.  And it’s a decent operating system. It’s like an old pair of shoes a friend gave you ten years ago.  You would never have picked it up yourself, but you’ve gotten so used to it that it just fits.

However, about 2 years ago in late 2007, my Apple curiosity got the better of me.  After getting an iPod and an iPhone, I finally took the leap and got a 17″ Macbook Pro with Leopard.  I knew then that I was buying the so-called “Apple tax”.  Once you’ve decided you wanted to use Apple software, you had no choice but to continuously buy Apple hardware which have always carried a slight premium over their regular Windows PC counterparts.  But I jumped over the cliff anyway.  It was a worth a shot, I thought.  And like most other Apple computer users, I was impressed.  OS X was user-friendly and stable.  The Macbook Pro was beautiful.  And best of all, they just worked so well together!

Since then, I’ve been bouncing between a Windows notebook for my work and the Mac for my personal needs.  Office and work email went to my Vista Business notebook while photo organizing, video editing and personal email went to the Mac.  It was a pretty good tandem.

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