Installation: easy but with snags

16 06 2009

Linux Mint boot splashscreen

Installing from my USB stick using UNetbootin was easy. I won’t be posting a step-by-step guide here because Linux Mint makes it easy enough for you to follow installation instructions. Just like Windows and OS X.

One important thing I will point out that is critical for people who plan to keep, even if at least temporarily, their current operating system is that you will need to go through repartitioning your hard drive.  It’s not a typical procedure most people will know about or even bother with.  For Windows Vista users, instructions can be found here.

Things generally went well but there were hiccups that are worth pointing out.  Why ? Because the everydayperson will be frustrated when they encounter such issues.  Yes, Google and forums help but that takes extra time and effort. Read the rest of this entry »