About Open Daily

Open Daily is about my move into using Linux as my primary operating system.

I am not a programmer, software developer or engineer.  I am a regular office professional working in the marketing department of my company.  I just happen to like technology.

Join me as I journey through living and working off a Linux machine.  I will be sharing my thoughts and opinions about my experience here on Open Daily.

– OD

My setup:

That’s it!


5 responses

21 06 2009

Enjoying reading your new blog! I wonder if you could let me know the font name for your blog text. It looks good, better than the font on the original Freshy Theme.

Also I see there’s RSS links to comments but not to the blog posts. Perhaps you could put an RSS feed button on the home page. Cheers.

21 06 2009

Thanks for the RSS button suggestion. Managed to get in there after some help pages.

Not sure if I can answer your font question though. I didn’t really change anything on the Freshy Theme except for the header graphic.

21 06 2009

Thanks for that. RSS feed isn’t quite right yet. It’s linking back to the website. Think it should link to https://opendaily.wordpress.com/feed/

21 06 2009

Good catch. I’m not able to edit the title itself, but if you click on the orange RSS icon, that leads to the https://opendaily.wordpress.com/feed/ you pointed out.

5 03 2010

Enjoy your blog posts – especially when I was making the decision whether to plunge into the Linux OS world. I did, and I love it.

Would love for you to post more on how operating in Linux has affected how you do your job and what apps and features have been the most important to you.

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