Moved to KDE 4.3

14 11 2009

I recently caught the upgrade bug.  With the release of Windows 7, Ubuntu 9.10 and a bunch of other new major Linux distributions, I was very tempted to upgrade my Thinkpad X200 running a personalized version of Linux Mint 7.  But the thought of having to re-do all the customization I’ve made was disheartening.  It would have likely taken the better part of a weekend.

So instead, I decided to scratch my upgrade itch and try something a little less drastic. I upgrade my kernel to 2.6.31 (instructions here) even if Mint 7 / Ubuntu 9.04 didn’t officially support.  I also tried out KDE 4.3.

Well, what can I say? I was blown away!

  • Desktop is gorgeous. Looks so much better than GNOME.  Very polished and tightly integrated.  Same visual quality as OS X or Vista.  For an open-source effort, it’s incredible.
  • Power management is better than GNOME. KDE’s Power Devil automatically switches power profiles when I switch to battery mode.  Suspend and hibernate works better too — feels like they work correctly more frequently.
  • Rediscovered Amarok. I’ve tried Amarok before, but it just felt like a mess.  I read somewhere Amarok was built for KDE — now I know why.  Very sophisticated media player. Just need to make it work better with my podcasts 😉

It’s been 4 solid and stable days living in the KDE world.  And I think I’m staying.




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