Google Chrome runs Flash

24 09 2009

I’ve been dabbling with Chrome (the official Google browser based on the open source Chromium) the last few weeks and have found myself using it more frequently.  I’m particularly fond of it’s speed.  It launches faster than Firefox. And it feels like opening and closing tabs are faster as well. I particularly like it when using my Gmail account because it feels faster as well.

It’s been pretty stable too, despite being marked “unstable”.  Crashes are as infrequent as they are with Firefox.

The only times I was forced to close Chrome and move to Firefox was whenever I hit a Flash-based site such as YouTube.  Chrome had yet to support Flash and explicitly warned that use of the Flash plug-in was unstable.  Thought switching back to Firefox was more painless than hacking on a clearly experimental plug-in.

Installing Chrome is easy by simply adding the correct repositories (instructions here).  This lets me update Chrome automagically. 🙂   To my happy surprise, the last update a few days ago included built-in support for Flash!  I have no idea if this is official or not.  All I know is I was browsing a blog last night with a YouTube video embedded in it and the video played in Chrome.  Cool!

Who said there are too many browsers available? Choice is good. 🙂




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