Finally, good themes for Ubuntu / Mint

12 07 2009


The standard theme in Linux Mint 7, with the green wet windshield effect and dark grey window trimmings, is really quite nice.  But seeing all that green can get tiring after a few weeks.  Unfortunately, I haven’t been contented with the alternative themes that come with my Mint system.

So like any good Internet user, I googled* for Linux Mint themes.

I initially found, the so-called “Eyecandy for Linux Mint”.  Unfortunately, I was disappointed with the site.  Shopping around for themes was cumbersome.  Installation instructions took too many steps when I all I really wanted was a click-or-type-this-and-voila-its-there experience.  And sadly, with all due respect to the site’s contributors, I didn’t like the selections.

But happiness is me that I stumbled upon this site with 10 awesome Ubuntu themes by a guy named Francois Vogelweith.  Downloading all 10 themes took a little while, but it’s all worth it.  Go and get them all now!

* since we insist on using google as a verb, we need to stop capitalizing the “g”.  Yeah, pet peeve.

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17 07 2009

What are the complicated instructions? Usually, with any Ubuntu derivative, all you have to do is drag and drop the theme into the Appearance window. Granted, it’s sometimes you have to extract the tar archive and get a specific file from it, but it’s not excruciatingly complicated.

You might also want to check the repositories. If you open Synaptic Package Manager (I think it’s just called “Package Manager” in Mint) and search for “themes,” you’ll find a bunch of easy-to-install alternate themes (though quite a few will be orange-based color schemes for Ubuntu). Basically, all you have to do is mark the theme packages you want for installation, click “Apply” and wait while everything gets installed.

17 07 2009

Good tip! Will try it out later when I get some free time.

Although I must admit, the Package Manager isn’t really my ideal way of choosing themes. My ineternet connection isn’t the fastest. So, I’d like to see before I download, like looking through pictures on a Flickr gallery.

17 07 2009

True. You don’t get to see the themes until after they’ve been downloaded. I find it worthwhile to have a bunch of themes even if it’s just for the components, though. For example, sometimes I download a theme and find that I don’t like the Window borders or something. With a bunch of themes installed, I have a bunch of alternates to choose a suitable replacement from.

10 10 2009

beautiful themes, very nice site!

2 11 2009


“Not Found
Sorry, but you are looking for something that isn’t here.”

Link is actually — not ’16’ 😉

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