Same Solid Web Experience on Linux Mint

22 06 2009


Linux Mint 7 already includes the wonderful web browser Mozilla Firefox. Many of you have probably at least heard about Firefox, if not use it on a regular basis.  And I think it’s safe to assume that most of those who have tried Firefox end up sticking with it.  It’s faster and reputably better protected from viruses and other such bad things from the Internet.

Firefox is not exclusive to Linux. Windows and Mac users can get Firefox for their system. I’ve used Firefox on both, and while it looks the same on either system, I still have this almost inexplicable feeling that Firefox just feels better on Windows than on the Mac.  Maybe it’s the way it looks.  Maybe it feels slower on a Mac.  Or (and?) maybe the guys at Mozilla originally designed Firefox for Windows. Whatever the case is, something got lost in when I tried Firefox on a Mac.  (note: I ended up liking Safari over Firefox more on the Mac, even if I didn’t like Safari on Windows).

On the contrary, I’m happy to say that Firefox on Linux Mint works and feels great. It feels like an integral part of the system. It loads fast.  It runs fast. It works the same way as the Windows version. Right clicks and middle clicks work the same way. Most keyboard shortcuts are the same.  Themes and extensions all integrate well.  The only difference I noticed was a minor change in the menus — Preference/options is under EDIT and not TOOLS.  But hey, at least it’s still there!

Overall, surfing/using/interacting with the Web is as solid on my Mint system as it is on a Windows PC or a Mac.




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