Liking the GNOME interface

20 06 2009


I’m not even sure if the title of this post is accurate.  There’s so many things that contribute to the interface of the default desktop for Linux Mint — from GNOME to Nautilius and Compiz — that I won’t bother dissecting what each component does.  What I will say is that the interface is great!  Here are my key reasons why:

  1. It’s familiar like Windows and Mac.  It relies on the mouse.  Left-click to select.  Right-click for context menus. Middle-button clicks if you use it) for tasks such as opening new tabs or closing tabs.  Drag and drop.  Dialog boxes. Windows (no pun intended) minimize, maximize and restore . If you’ve used Windows or Mac, it really isn’t a steep learning curve.
  2. Flexible taskbar(s).  It takes a little while figuring out and could initially be overwhelming, but I’ve come to appreciate the ability to customize my desktop with little details such as adding taskbar/panels (I have one at the top and a hidden one at the bottom) and adding widgets to the panels (or screenlets as it is properly called).  I guess “the more, the merrier” applies to me.
  3. It’s pretty. The visual effects are awesome.  It’s kind of like how OS X looks — very polished and full of actually useful desktop effects like expose and virtual desktops.    And unlike Vista’s visual effects, many of Linux Mint’s included desktop effects are actually useful and not unnecessarily distracting.

So overall, it’s been a very easy transition into the Linux Mint desktop.  It’s familiar yet feels so much more flexible and pretty.  Part of it may be an initial “it’s new so it’s exciting” feeling, but that’s not the main point.  The point is that if I’m planing to use this for my everyday computing tasks, the interface has so far NOT been getting in the way.  If nothing else, the excitement factor only helps.




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